About Us

About Marsad

Marsad Marketing Consultancy is fact-based marketing and customer experience strategy consulting firm with imperative focus on delivering actionable and effective strategies to its clients across industries. Marsad helps clients to understand and answer key strategic questions:

  • Is the company on strategy? Is your strategy well communicated with customers and more importantly, are your employees positively engaged and work as brand ambassador?
  • Do you have the ideal customer experience in place across channels? Is your operation lead by customer choice and key moments of truth?
  • Are you tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? More importantly, are they up-to-date and actionable?

Our Values

At Marsad, we apply what we advice our clients on their businesses, we strongly believe customers should be in the heart of any decision and the center of the business operation and process. Our clients are seeking practical solutions for their problems and to be served by senior executives with strong background and experience in their field.

Practical Solutions:

Companiesown a wealth of unutilized information and data in various shapes and formats in their data warehouse,customer service department, social media and market research among others. We believe answers to many of the businesses' issues are availablein pieces and need to put together.As first step, Marsad team will collect, process and analyzeexisting information and data using advance analytic tools and techniques prior to venture in any additional surveys or data collection exercise. Findings from data analysis are then supported with short and focused customer research using most prominent data collection methodologies and innovative approach.

Customer Centric Approach:

Companiesarekeen to be well served by knowledgeable consultants who can add value to their companies. At Marsad, we understand our clients' needs for the involvement of senior executives and partners in managingtheir projects and directly interact with the clients. Our promise to our clients is simple, the dedicated senior executive and partner will be your single contact throughout the project and will ensure that your needs are met at all times.

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