Why Customers Expectation Matters

A recent study conducted by Marsad Marketing Consultancy showed that although customers choose or leave a brand for clearly different reasons, a deeper look on the data shows that the reasons might be interlinked. While customers stated that the main reasons to deal or choose certain brand over others are the brand reputation (60%), word of mouth (45%) and customers reviews on social media (12%), the customers who decided to drop a brand left for other reasons, mainly bad service (45%) and lack of customer appreciation (30%). While this sounds as customers would pick a brand for its reputation and drop it for bad customer service, it was found that brands lack behind on managing customers' expectations! It makes complete sense that reputable brand would deliver quality service and pay more attention to its customers or is not! In fact, data shows that brands are doing much better job on promoting their products and services than delivering their promises, that why managing customers expectation matters.