Solutions : Customer Experience

Behavior & Attitude Analytics

Marsad analyticscapability is playing important role in understanding customers' behavior and attitudes towards brands and services. As first step to improve customer experience, companies must genuinely understand their customers’ experience with the brand and service as a whole. More importantly, Marsad aims to support it clients to have holistic view of their customers motivational drivers and emotional triggers by analyzinginternal transactional data, customers feedback and surveys equipped with advanced analytical tools and techniques. Key benefits and deliverables of data analytics are:

  • Translate data to actionable insights
  • Understand customers main decision and motivational drivers
  • Profile and segment customers base on their behavior and attitudes
  • Predict customers'behavior and likelihood to churn or defaulting.

Voice of Customers

Marsad Voice of the Customer (VoC) utilizes on-going data, feedback and surveys to capture customers' perception towards the company, products, services and processes, and ultimately enabling the company to deliver better experiences and builds sustainable business value.

Marsad tailored and cost efficient Voice of the Customer (VoC) approach is an effective solution to identify the critical and agitating interaction moments in the customer experience across touch points and provide both tactical insights which can be implemented on operational level and strategic insights which can assist senior management to develop the company strategy and infrastructure enhancement plan. Key benefits and deliverables of successful VoC program are:

  • Capture and prioritize customer needs, expectations and preferences
  • Enhance processes and customer experience
  • Fast customer resolutions and problem solving
  • Increase customer average spending and share of wallet.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer retention, customer loyalty and attracting new customers are among the top business challenges for many companies nowadays. At the same time, in markets and sectors where introducing innovative and disruptive products is relatively difficult and costly, many companies turned their attention to customer experience to deliver unique and differentiated experience across touch points. Customer Journey Mapping is considered the cornerstone of customer experience and a visual illustration of customers’ processes, needs and perceptions across touch points. Marsad approach to Customer Journey Mapping is a combination of art and science. Interactive and hands-on workshop style approach is engaging both company executives and prospect customers to understand and identify key strengths and weaknesses at different stage of the customer journey (awareness, consideration, purchase, support and retention).

This approach proves to offer thoughtful and actionable customer journey mapping outputs including:

  • Understand customers' expectation and concerns at each stage
  • Understand customers' emotions and state of mind at each stage
  • Evaluate the impact of company's policies, procedures and processes on customer experience and engagement
  • Identify Moments of Truth (MOT) which drive customers loyalty and delight
  • Design effective customer experience that deliver on brand values.

Satisfaction & Loyalty Optimization

While the acquisition of new customers is common global strategic objective of any business, keeping those customers and to ensure they are satisfied to the point they would recommend the business to friends and family is strategically important to expand business and build brand equity.

Marsad customer loyalty approach is unique and actionable; the approachfocuses on understanding customers'experience with the company, its strengths and weaknesses prior conducting satisfaction and loyalty surveys.

Identifyingkey influencing moments in customers' relationship across channels is crucial;we conduct in-depth interviews with company executives and brainstorming sessions with existing customers to identify common drivers of the customer relationship. Then a detailed yet concisesurvey(s) is designed to measure and track the key customers' loyalty drivers, results are linked to company's key customers KPIs (acquisition, retentions, complains...etc.).