Solutions : Market Research

Qualitative Marketing Research

Marsad qualitative aims to help marketers and decision makers to understand customers' attitudes, perceptions and motivational drivers. Using in-depth interviews, ethnography observations and focus groups to generate valuable insights around various topics, including concept and product testing, image and perception assessment, logo testing, lifestyle and trends insights. What differentiate our approach is using field expert moderators with strong background in psychology and behavioral economics. We also engage company's executives not only in the process but encourage them to take part of the discussion sessions with their customers. This approach proves to be effective in generating actionable insights as ideas get shaped in line with company strategy and infrastructure capability.

Quantitative Research

Marsad offers wide range of quantitative research services from depth-stick to complex surveys using online and offline methodologies. Our quantitative research helps our business partners to answer strategic questions:

  • What is our market share and how did it change overtime?
  • Who are our customers and how can we retain their loyalty?
  • What do our customers think of our brand? Do they associate it with the right brand values?
  • Are our customers satisfied with provided services? Do they recommend us?
  • How effective is our campaign? Did it deliver the main message?
  • What are the needs and expectations of customers?

Our analytics team is highly experience and knowledgeable of various analytical tools such as:

  • Segmentation analysis
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Brand perceptual mapping
  • TURF analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Price analysis and sensitivity modeling

Experimental Techniques

Marsad offers experimental research using A/B testing approach to understand the influential factors that affect customers' decision. In any A/B testing researchers control all factors that may affect the result of an experiment and allow single or core change between the control and test samples to determine the potential impact of the proposed change on the results. Experimental research is very effective to optimize:

  • Product features and benefits
  • Promotion communication contents
  • Website page design and contents

Observational Techniques

Observational marketing research is a qualitative method of collecting and analyzing information obtained through directly or indirectly observing customers in real-life environments such as branches, restaurants, shopping centers or even at customers' homes and workplaces.

Marsad recently introduces ethnographic research; it provides marketers and decision makers with rich and real-life observations regarding customer experience, preferences and behaviors. Ethnography is useful tool in designing new or assessing existing customer experience projects. Ethnography focuses on developing an understanding of the experience design and flow, highlight pitfalls and emotions associated with each step in the process.