Solutions : Marketing Management

Brand Positioning Strategy

Marsad believes that the ultimate challenge for any company is to successfully position its brand's values in the mind of the customers. With the right positioning strategy, a brand is aiming to create awareness and allow customers to engage with the brand's products and services on functional and emotional levels.

Our approach in defining a brand positioning, we critically reflect on the key components of a positioning statement:

  • Who are my main target audiences?
  • Who are my main competitors?
  • What is the brand stand and known for?
  • What differentiate the brand from other brands in the marketplace?
  • What are the most relevant brand values to be associated with?

Our brand strategy executives and partners work closely with marketers to make effective decisions to help differentiate their brands, attract target customers, and win market share from your competition.

Communication Effectiveness Measurement

Successful advertising campaign can help companies to increase awareness toward their brand and products, increase sales and build brand equity. Marsad offers a range of advertising tests for each stage of the advertisement development, either on creative (concept testing) or production (copy testing) stage. Our tests using multiple indicators to assess the effectiveness of the advertisement including:

  • Ad recall and recognition
  • Ad likeability, attractiveness, believability, clarity
  • Ad persuasion and message comprehension
  • Purchase intention and loyalty

With an eye on the brand, advertising campaigns aim to build and strengthen the brand equity. Marsad brand equity tracker is brief yet comprehensive model to monitor, measure and track the brand equity. The model consists of 5 pillars:

  • Awareness: is the brand on customers' top of mind?
  • Consistency: does the brand deliver consistent high quality product/service?
  • Differentiation: does the brand deliver unique product/service benefits?
  • Innovative: does the brand introduce new creative product/service?
  • Loyalty: do customers consider the brand for future purchase?

Media & Information Studies

Brand management has become a key issue for media companies; a recent study shows that high brand equity media vehicle is linked to repeated media consumption behavior of its audience. Thereby Marsad is eager to help media companies including TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and even web-based media to re-position and position its brand in the marketplace in order to gain larger share of the advertising spending. This multi-dimensional exercise addresses several aspects of the branding including:

  • Understanding media selection process and preference
  • Brand values assessment and credential analysis
  • Brand image perception mapping
  • Layout design and content appraisal
  • Customer experience and loyalty

Segmentation & Segment Strategy

The cornerstone for successful segmentation is to have well defined, clearly identifiable, measurable and profitable segments which have similar needs, wants, or  demand  characteristics. Marsad uses psycho-demographic and behavioral segmentation to segment customers' database within smaller homogenous groups.

Once potential segments were identified, Marsad team helps marketers to understand the needs, attitudes and emotional drivers of the segment customers for more effective segment strategy. A typical strategy includes:

  • Satisfy customers core needs with the right products
  • Offer effortless onboard journey and customer experience across the channels
  • Provide customized (personalized when possible) service and rebuild customer loyalty program