Essentials of Marketing Research

This is a hand-on approach to the fundamentals of marketing research by providing examples from the business world of marketing research. This 2 day workshop focuses on understanding, implementing and interpreting marketing research studies, it includes:

  • The role and processes of marketing research
  • Understand different types of marketing research (Secondary ResearchQualitative Research, Observation Research, Experimental Research, Survey Research)
  • Research design (Sampling Procedures, Measurement Methods and Questionnaire Design)
  • Fundamental data analysis and advance statistical techniques (Regression Analysis and Segmentation)
  • Reporting and presentation techniques.

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Data Mining & Analytic Techniques

The objective of this 2 day workshop is to go beyond descriptive statistics and explore the potential of predictive analytics to segment customers within homogenous groups that follow the same behavior or attitudes, as well as predict their purchases and promote cross-sell opportunities. Predictive analytics helpsbusinesses attract, retain and grow the most profitable customers. It includes:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of predictive analytics
  • Identify trends and predict customer behavior
  • Understand customers and decision making process.

The workshop will cover the following main techniques:

  • Linear regression model
  • Logistic regression
  • Probit regression
  • K-Mean segmentation
  • Factor analysis
  • PCA and Perceptual mapping
  • Classification and decision trees.

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Brand Positioning Development

The Brand Positioning is 2day workshop designed to define and highlight the brand essence, brand promise and brand personality. This includes:

  • Identify and analyzethe brand’s target audiences
  • Map competition landscape and identify "white gaps"
  • Identify most relevant brand benefits (both emotional and functional).

By end of the workshop, attendants will be able to define

  • Brand elements: What are your products and personality?
  • Brand essence:What is your promise to customers?
  • Brand benefits: What differentiate your brand from others?
  • Brand personality:What are the characteristics associated with the brand?

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Customer Experience Design & Measurement

This 2 day workshop is designed to helpcompanies to understand, create and manage the customer experience at all channels.To improve customer experience, companies must understand and cater to their customer’s entire journey. The workshop includes:

  • Understand the essence of Customer Experience
  • Create customer journey map and identify the key elements of an effective customer journey
  • Explore moments of truths (MOT) to improve customer experience
  • Understanding customer value and design CX strategy
  • Ongoing customer experience management (silos, cross-departmental exchange, employee engagement).

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